Friday, May 26, 2017

Smart ForTrack?

I came across this and think it is really cool. It is ForTrack. There are drawings and photos at It shows the varied designs that was considered.

It was posted on Smart Car of America forum, it indicated it was a student design. It was taken from the Smart Club Forum. I think it was really well done.

There is a post at Foro Smart Forum. There is a great photo of the ForTrack (posted below).

I think this would be really cool if it was at tack where one can drive them. It would be even cooler to be able to buy one so one can not only drive them on a track but also around on the roads. 

This is the photo from the Foro Smart Forum. I think that looks really nice.

home site of Smart in the USA;
As a note, I think it is dumb for Smart to not sell the Forfour in the US and dumber for Smart to stop selling the gas powered Fortwo after 2017. 

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tow Sport; Smart Camper Trailer?

I read an article at the New Atlas site about the Tow Sport trailer. It is small and compact. It looks like it could be towed by a Smart Fortwo. The photos show how compact the trailer is yet versatile.

The images above are from the New Atlas article. There are way more at the site and I would recommend reading the article.

The Tow Sport web site has more information on it plus accessories. I will be checking it out more. 

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

R.Q.Riley Trimuter using Smart Car Parts?

I think the Trimuter from R. Q. Riley is really neat. It has a nice design. It might be have some stability problems with a trike design but could be stable depending on the design. It reminds me of a concept design by GM many years ago.

Since the Smart Fortwo is a rear engine rear wheel drive vehicle and since this Trimuter is also a rear engine rear wheel drive design, I wonder if the Smart car can be used as a donor car in making the three wheel vehicle? Since they are plans and not a kit car with parts, perhaps it could be adapted for the Fortwo parts? (just thinking out loud what could be done using a Smart Fortwo).

I like how it opens up. It might not be good when it rains or snows but still cool.

I like the pop up lights. 

I think it opens in a really cool way. 

(photos are from the R. Q. Riley site for the Trimuter).

I doubt any would use a Smart as a donor car for a Trimuter but I think someone could. I like to think of the possibilities. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Three Wheel Smart Fortwo?

I was online doing Google searching for something else and came across this three wheel version of the Smart Fortwo. It looks really neat. It is at the Freaking News site. It might be a 'photo shopped' picture but it looks like it could be done.
I am not sure what they would do with the radiator and other items that are in the front but it does seem like something that is doable. I have seen other similar city cars with a trike arrangement. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mia Electric Car / Van? Possible Smart vehicle?

There are times I like to imagine what could be. This is one of those times. I think the electric car (van?) from Mia is really nice. It is a shame it is no longer around. This is where my imagination kicks in. I think it could be added to the Smart lineup of vehicles as a Smart ForVan. I think it would - IMO - be a great addition to the Smart lineup. With so many vehicles going electric, I think it would fit in quite well with E.V. trends.

It is very compact in similar manner to the Fortwo.

Electric On Wheels has a nice article on it. They also have some nice photos of it.

The seating is unique. The driver sits in the middle with the passengers being behind. Perhaps this could make it easier to go from a country with right hand drive to countries with left hand drive? 

I think the Auto Car UK has some interesting information on it. 'It’s built in France by a German-backed company' - it sounds similar to the Fortwo; a made in France company backed by a German company. 

One can see the variations of the vehicle. From three seats to four to being a cargo van. Perhaps the cargo van could make local deliveries for flowers, pizza, or other things that are not big and don't require a lot of distance for the vehicle to travel. 

Mia electric car at Wikipedia. This site gives some information on why it is no longer around.

There is a lot of articles on the Mia electric car via Google or Bing.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Smart Speedster by Smarpache

I think this is really neat. I think it is very doable. It is a Smart speedster by Smarpache. I think they did a great job in creating it on their computer. I think Smart should take note of this design. I think Smart should visit the Smarpache site for inspirations for future cars. I think broadening their model lineup would be a great boost to their brand name.
I think this makes the Fortwo even more appealing. It seems that Mini and Fiat seem to get the right idea when they broaden their model lineup. I wish Smart would do the same. 

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Not So Smart Move by Smart For United States and Canada?

I read that Smart will not be selling the gas powered Fortwo in the United States or Canada after 2017. It seems these two markets will only get the electric powered versions. I think this is not a very smart thing to do. I don't believe the range of the electric Fortwo is all that great when compared to other electric vehicles that is being sold. It might be similar to a couple but newer ones have really great range on a single charge.

I also think it is not very smart of Smart to not bring the Forfour to the United States. I think the Forfour would have a great market appeal than the Fortwo. The Forfour has four door and seats four. Smart indicated the market is too crowded for the Forfour. I think that many in this market segment would indicate that that it would be a bigger appeal for it than the Fortwo. The Fortwo has just two doors for two seats. As a commuter vehicle, it is ideal. I read that most people usually travel to and from work with one (the driver) person and sometimes a passenger.
The Smart Forfour. I am not sure if this is the newer one. There was also supposed to be a 'sport utility vehicle' version of the Forfour. I think the SUV version would be great in snowy colder areas. 

The Smart Fortwo. This is the slightly bigger newer one. 
A possible newer Smart Roadster.

A great resource for all things Smart car

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