Saturday, September 16, 2017

One Cool Smart Camper Concept

While I don't think this got any farther than the drawings, I think it is one cool camper concept. It is show with a Smart Fortwo; which is why I am showing it here. I think any small car could tow it.

The designs are from a site called Car Body Design. 'TheAutoConnection has revealed some official sketches that preview a possible line of accessories for the new Smart ForTwo, but at the moment there are no production plans.'

It is also shown at the site of Auto Blog.

It appears to be for one person. It looks like it would have a lot of places for a lot things that one would bring on a camping trip.
The same designer has one for cargo - or in this case a motorcycle trailer. It looks like it could be used for not just a motorcycle but also a scooter or similar sized two wheeled vehicle. 

Here is his idea for a boat and trailer. I think it is very clever. Like the Smart Fortwo, the boat looks like it would be seating for two people or one very comfortably. 

The one article indicated is one persons ideas of what could be. The article is dated 2007, the year before the Smart Fortwo was sold in the US. I think it would be nice if someone did actually make them, at least the camper one. It could be sold as a camper that any really small car can tow, not just in the US but also any place that has small cars. 

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Zacua - Smart like and a Rival for the Fortwo and Mini Cooper?

I came across a compact electric car that is being (or will be made) in Mexico. The company is called Zacua.  It is the M2 and the M3. From what I have read about it, they are both electric vehicles.

The M2 reminds me of a lengthened Smart Fortwo or of a Mini Cooper roadster.

I think it looks like a lengthened Smart Fortwo. It seems like it would be a Fortwo if Smart decided to make it a two sedan. 

it seems similar to the Mini Cooper roadster but without the roof that looks similar to a helmet. 

I wonder if one could take the engine and transmission from a Fortwo and put it into the M2.  I think it would give the Smart car a greater sense of safety. 

I wonder if Smart could use this design or similar one to it in making the next Fortwo? I think it would or could have a greater appeal to the current model; 451 or 452.  Perhaps with its longer length, Smart could make it a gas battery electric hybrid or a fuel cell battery hybrid. 

The M3 reminds me of a Mini Cooper. I don't have dimensions but I wonder if it is close to the older Mini Cooper or the newer Mini Cooper. 
This seems similar to a Mini Cooper. It could be a less expensive version of the Mini Cooper. It is definitely an electric version of it. 

Here is the newer Mini Cooper. It seems bigger than the M3. It seems to have the same size doors but is longer in length. 

Here is the older Mini Cooper. The size of the M3 seems closer in size to it. The M3 seems to have bigger doors than the original Mini Cooper.

I like their logo. I wonder if one could get on merchandise?
Perhaps they could open a store with a site similar to that of Cafe Press.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A SUV Version of the Smart Fortwo?

There is an article at Car Scoops titled 'Smart Fortwo Tries An SUV Suit For Size'. I agree with the article that it may never come to be but I am hoping they make this one. Smart has other concepts that are way cool but never lead to an actually production vehicle.

I think a Smart SUV - like this one - could not only broaden the mode line of Smart but it would appeal to those in colder climates and those who go on roads that not all that great. Since it has a bigger hood and a slightly longer back to it, it would give a greater sense of safety too.

Personally, I think it is like a muscle bound Fortwo that has steroids. In this case, the steroids has produced a really - in my opinion - cool looking sport utility vehicle. I would not mind trading in my current Smart Fortwo (a 2012 black and silver Passion).

On one post about it, they indicate it resembles an AMC Gremlin. I can see the resemblance. Since I really like the AMC Gremlin, this is a good thing. If one does not like the resemblance to the Gremlin, it might be a bad thing.  The site shows it in different colors but I like this one since I like blue. With its bigger tires and wider stance, I think it would do great in off road and / or colder climates. 

One can see some of the Fortwo heritage in the front end of this car. It does look wider than the Fortwo, which could be good since it would make it more stable and less likely to roll over.

While I really like the blue color, the other colors are really nice too. I think it looks great in red.
I think black gives it a sense of mystery.
I think the white one gives it a sense of being owned by Mr Clean.
I am not sure what color this is but it does look nice. It is like a golden color but does not have too much yellow in it. I think it is pretty.

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Lexus SF-A; Smart Fortwo Rival?

While doing a search for Smart Fortwo concepts, I came across this concept from Lexus called the LF-SA.  The article - Lexus LF-SA Concept Might Morph Into Smart Fortwo Rival - is by Between the Axels. The article is dated March 1, 2015. It is very interesting.

The official site for the Lexus LF-SA. There are nice photos and video's at the site.

It is similar to the Fortwo in that it has two doors. The downside of the Fortwo is its length. It seems many don't realize how safe it is because of its short length. Since this is longer, it seems to have a greater perception of safety than the Fortwo has. It does look a lot sportier than the Fortwo. Being longer, it might not have the advantage of being as easy to park as the Fortwo. 
It is different than the Fortwo door since it has a back seat which seats more than two people; the Fortwo is for two people. Seating only two people might be a disadvantage from some but the back seat of the LF-SA does not look very roomy or comfortable. Perhaps it would be better if it was a two seat car like the Fortwo.

I really like the interior. It looks nice but does not seem as roomy as the Fortwo. I have a Fortwo but never seen the LF-SA in real life so I can only compare using photos.
I think it looks really stylish. I am not sure about the large grill but it seems to work with this design. I like the 'smile' on the Fortwo (at least I think it is a smile). I like the two tone (top black bottom silver) look of the LF-SA. I also like the two tone of the Smart too. 

Since Mercedes Benz will not sell the gas powered Fortwo in the US or Canada, I am hoping Lexus builds and sells it in the Canada and the US. I really like the design. I hope it isn't too expensive. If it is too pricey, it could limit sales of such a cool car to those who don't mind paying a lot for such a small vehicle. 

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Top Gear - Brabus Smart Roadster v6

Here is an episode of Top Gear where Richard Hammond drives the V6 Brabus version of the Smart Roadster. I think it is way cool. It is now my new dream car. Daily Motion. It is my dream car. If I had the money, I would definitely get one.
It looks cool. Per Top Gear, it performs quite well.

There is no room for stuff and it is expensive but still really high on the cool side. 

It is unfortunate that Smart has decided to only sell the electric Fortwo in the USA and Canada. There are many - from what I have read - Mercedes dealers who will no longer sell Smart cars. The electric Fortwo does not make sense for most of America since it is so big and one needs more range that the ED version is capable of. I am hoping Smart change their minds and not only continue selling the Fortwo in the US and Canada but also the Forfour with the SUV variation. It would be cool if they had and updated roadster that they sell here too. 

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Smart ForTrack?

I came across this and think it is really cool. It is ForTrack. There are drawings and photos at It shows the varied designs that was considered.

It was posted on Smart Car of America forum, it indicated it was a student design. It was taken from the Smart Club Forum. I think it was really well done.

There is a post at Foro Smart Forum. There is a great photo of the ForTrack (posted below).

I think this would be really cool if it was at tack where one can drive them. It would be even cooler to be able to buy one so one can not only drive them on a track but also around on the roads. 

This is the photo from the Foro Smart Forum. I think that looks really nice.

home site of Smart in the USA;
As a note, I think it is dumb for Smart to not sell the Forfour in the US and dumber for Smart to stop selling the gas powered Fortwo after 2017. 

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tow Sport; Smart Camper Trailer?

I read an article at the New Atlas site about the Tow Sport trailer. It is small and compact. It looks like it could be towed by a Smart Fortwo. The photos show how compact the trailer is yet versatile.

The images above are from the New Atlas article. There are way more at the site and I would recommend reading the article.

The Tow Sport web site has more information on it plus accessories. I will be checking it out more. 

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