Friday, October 26, 2018

Smart is gone in a decade? Perhaps replaced by a 'super mini'?

I was on Facebook at their 'modern micro cars' group and saw a post about Mercedes Benz ending the Smart brand in a decade. The article link was to one by Car Scoops. It was titled 'Mercedes May Kill Smart Within A Decade And Make Is One Supermini'. It is an interesting article.

I think the Smart brand could have been saved if they made or put into production those concept cars that they showed off. It would have a greater appeal than the Fortwo (just my opinion).

Here is the Smart ForUs. It is longer than the Fortwo and has a simple pickup design in the back. I think it would be more appealing than the current Fortwo. In a way, it is like a Smart version of the Subaru Brat (I think the ForUs is way better looking than the Subaru Brat - just my opinion). 

I found an article on the 'super mini' that might replace the Fortwo and the Smart brand. The article is dated March 15, 2013. Perhaps the idea is being brought to the future?
I think it is a really cool looking design. I think it would be great if it was sold as the next Smart Fortwo. It looks safer than the current Fortwo model (the current model is safe but so many think it isn't just because of its small size). 

Of course I will also include my pet peeve with Smart. I think it was a mistake to not bring the Forfour and the Forfour with AWD to the USA. I think it would have a great appeal in the that category of car; one that is greater than the appeal of a two seat two door car. I think that segment of the car market is crowded (the reason it never came to the USA - per Smart) is there are more looking for that category of car (which is - IMO - why cars companies are making them).


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

French'es Fried Onions Plus

I was at the grocery store and came across this. I knew of the their friend onions but did not know they had added some other fried items; fried dill pickles, and friend red peppers. I knew they had fried jalapenos and fried caramelized onions. It is made by French's.

They are not overly fried. They are very crunchy. Each one is a different. I like the variety of the crispy fried vegetables.

This is even better than their original crispy friend onions. It takes it a step up. It is good on sandwiches and as a snack. I like it on top of my macaroni and cheese. 

It has a some dill taste but it isn't overwhelming. It is pretty good. I like it as a snack. I am trying to think of things that it could be used with. I like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Perhaps this could be used either in addition to the pickle or instead of it. If it was used in addition to the pickle, it would add crunch to it. 

This is has some bite to it. I like it with my macaroni and cheese. I added it to a sandwich. It made it crunchy and gave it some bite. It isn't really hot (perhaps to me but others might consider it too hot - living in the New England area, it seems the locals can't stand too much 'heat' in their food). 

I think this is really good. It is flavorful without any heat to it. It is good on my sandwich; which consisted of cheese and bologna. It gave a nice crunch. It is also good by itself. It is a nice snack. I liked it on my macaroni and cheese (as you can tell, I like macaroni and cheese). 
This is the original flavor. It is still really good. I have used it in my sandwich; one of bologna and cheese, and lettuce. It was good on my macaroni and cheese (I like the single serving cups that one can buy). It is good as a snack.

They have a recipe of it being used in green bean casserole. Since I don't like green beans, I think it would be great with an asparagus casserole. I have not tried it yet (future blog). Perhaps one could make the casserole with any vegetable and fried crispy onions? (future blog idea). 

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Smart Forease?

Smart Madness reported on their Facebook page that there is a new Smart coming.

It is called the Forease. It seems to be a concept car. I think Smart would do better if they put their concept vehicles into production. I think they are way cooler than the current and cute Fortwo. I will post photos of their other concepts in a separate blog. Once you see them, you will realize that Smart was not very smart since they did not put them into production; even as electric cars (making only electric cars available only in the USA is also a mistake - in my opinion - since the electric version does not have the range most Americans need - but that is another blog).

Car and Driver has an article on it. They indicate it is a concept car. They indicate it is based on the current electric Fortwo. Perhaps this is an indication that it could be made?

It seems Smart is celebrating their 20th anniversary of the Fortwo with a song?

New Atlas has an interesting article on it.

Motor 1 has an article on it. It indicates it is a concept car. They have some great photos(? - more like drawings / conceptual art) of it. I am posting some of the photos here.

I think these photos show as the cutest roadster ever.

I think it would perform better with a hydrogen fuel cell. There are companies that make them for automobiles. There is one company called Intelligent Energy that makes them of different sizes. They have a section on their site for ones used in cars; automotive.
(photo from the Intelligent Energy site)
I think a fuel cell would give the extra range an electric vehicle would need to compete with gas powered vehicles and have similar times to refuel. 

I believe there are other companies that also make fuel cells for cars. List of fuel cell companies - Wikipedia. 

I think it would be neat to try the engine from Liquid Piston in a Smart; like the newer ones and concept ones. I think it could be used as a hybrid Smart; where the LP engine would operate a generator with in wheel hub electric motors.. The engine from LP can run on a variety of fuels; bio-fuels, hydrogen, etc.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Smart Car With Camper?

I have been searching the internet for really small campers; one that can be towed by a Smart car or other similar sized vehicles; aka, modern micro cars. I have found a few. 

I came across this one and am looking for information on it. I have not found a lot of information for it. I saved it to my computer but now I don't remember where I downloaded it from. Now I am not even sure if it is a camper but it is neat and I do want to learn more about it. I am still searching. 

 I found this online. I think it is neat. I am looking for a camper that can be towed by a Smart (or other similarly sized vehicle [since I might be buying a similar sized vehicle to replace my Smart but it won't be a Smart since it seems Smart is abandoning the US market]). 
This seems to be the same trailer but being towed by a motorcycle. Perhaps this makes it light weight enough for a small car to tow? 

I wish I had a better higher density photo so I can zoom in and find the information that is listed on it. 

There was a Smart camper company but their web site seems to be gone. It was called Smart Camper. It looked really nice. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Smart - Tera? Part Aptera and Part Smart Fortwo?

I was doing a web search (usually using Google sometimes Bing) and came across this. I was checking out if there was anything being done with the Aptera. In the search for it, I came across this photo shopped design that combines the Smart Fortwo and the Aptera. I call it the Smart-Tera. The site I found it at was a Pins Daddy online article. I realize it exists only in a computer but I think it would be really cool if they did make it; even if it is just an electric vehicle (cooler if it was a fuel cell electric vehicle).

I think the Aptera is really cool but it never seemed to have anything done with it. I read that a Chinese company bought it and was going to make both an electric version and a gas version. I was dong the search to find out if it was dropped or there was work done on it. Wikipedia - Aptera Motors. 
The Smart Fortwo is a two seat two door car. I really like the design and how well it is built. Wikipedia - Smart.  The little car is very maneuverable, fun to drive (IMO) and good on gas (for a non-hybrid car). It is an excellent commuter car and city car (IMO). I think it is a mistake for Smart to only sell the ED in the USA and Canada but that is a rant / pet peeve for another post (perhaps future one and definitely a past one).

a great resource for all things Smart

a site about me.

not art for hanging on wall but on items that one can use
practical art? 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Possible Future Smart ED? (perhaps not but still cool).

I have online articles about Mercedes Benz investing money (a lot of it) into making a compact electric car in France (more compact than modern micro but still small).

There is probably a very slim chance of this becoming a new future Smart Fortwo ED but one can dream. I think this would be of greater appeal to Americans since most like the bigger vehicles (which is why Ford [and maybe GM] is dropping most small cars - with the exception of the Mustang and Focus - but that is another blog for another day).

Online Articles (some not all).
I think it looks really cool. It will be made in France, like the Smart Fortwo ED. Is it a coincidence or an indication of a future Fortwo ED? I think it would have a great appeal since it is bigger than the Smart car which could give it a feeling of being safer (perceptions can be everything). 
I wonder if it is a coincidence that they are investing in a future electric car and also investing in a battery factory? Hopefully it would give the car above (and possibly the Smart ED a bigger range and/or reduce costs since they are making it). 
I think investing in a company that makes fast charging batteries is a good idea. I think a downside to electric vehicles is the length of time to charge the batteries. 
This is (IIRC) their official site on this.

(photos from the ElecTrek site

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Another Mistake By Smart; Not Bringing the Forfour To America

It seems Smart will only be selling the electric Fortwo in the USA and Canada. Because of this, many Smart Centers have closed. I guess this was done since France is working toward not selling electric cars after 2040. I think it is a mistake since the Fortwo ED does not have a great range and has a high price when compared to the gas powered version or other electric cars.

I think it would have been great if the Fortwo ED was a fuel cell battery vehicle. Refueling would be faster and have a farther range. Fuel cells exhaust has only water vapor. I consider it very green and way cool. Fuel cell has have made some advancements. They are smaller and provide more power. There are advancements in hydrogen production and storage.

Forfour - side
Forfour - back
Forfour - front
Forfour - back seat / inside
Forfour - 
(photos taken from the article / link above)

I think the Forfour would have a great appeal to many, more than the Fortwo. Smart has said that the market for this category of vehicle is crowded. I think it is crowded since many find it more appealing, especially when compared to the Fortwo. There was even a SUV version of the Forfour. I think this would have even a greater appeal; especially where 4 wheel drive would be useful in mud and snow.

I wish they had not made a new roadster but also had brought it to the USA. It is for another post (perhaps this is not my last after all).

I realize the previous post was supposed to be my last for this blog but (hopefully) this will be last (or next to last).

This is very similar to my 2012 Smart Fortwo Passion.
It will be the last one I will own unless Smart changes their minds
about bringing the gas powered Fortwo, Fortfour and Roadster
to the USA and Canada.